Wall Siding

With a selection of five different wall siding types that varies from common natural design to the ultra-modern or chic look, available in twenty-three colors, we have the siding for your construction project. You can even have your own custom color of all-weather composite siding produced for your large commercial project or your house renovation.

Exterior & Interior Wall Siding

Elegant Home Siding That Lasts

Why settle for aluminium or vinyl siding that looks fade, when you can have the same ease of installation, plus low maintenance, and rugged durability that stands up to any weather conditions, and the natural look of natural wood?

Our home siding looks like natural wood, without the worries of real wood exposed to the elements.

NewTechWood cladding installs quickly using our exclusive clip system that creates a lasting seal between planks.

Our installation system enables your home to “breathe” as air circulates between siding and joists, keeping your home high, dry, and energy efficient.


Profile UH61

A castellation profile is reminiscent of the top of a castle wall having a series of rectangular alternating parapets and indentations. Castellation has once again become a popular architectural trend in both commercial projects and stylish contemporary residential designs.


On a facade it achieves the look of parallel castellated timber battens with a narrow shadowline, or rebate, between each one.

It provides the natural appearance of timber without the maintenance. It is an attractive alternative for creating a stylish external facade, screening or as a ceiling treatment.

Profile UH67

Profile US31

Widely used for exterior walls on individual residential homes, apartments and commercial buildings.

Thanks to its high-performance shell, UltraShield Cladding resists stains and mould unlike traditional uncapped composites. As there is no need for painting or oiling there are no additional overheads involved in the installation and upkeep.

Vertical Composite Siding

Vertical composite cladding is a type of wood-look house siding with composite exterior siding panels that run vertically along the sides of your home. People tend to opt for composite wall cladding because it looks great and has the richness and feel of natural wood. It is also easy to install and requires essentially no maintenance. Our vertical composite wood cladding has a similar makeup to our composite wood decking, so you can be confident it will last, protect your exterior walls from the elements and look great for a long time.

Horizontal Composite Siding

You have the option of vertical composite cladding or horizontal composite cladding for your home. The only real distinction is the orientation of the cladding panels. However, the orientation you choose can make a significant difference when it comes to the appearance of your home. Just as vertical stripes in fashion emphasize height while horizontal stripes emphasize width, vertical cladding can give your home a taller appearance vs. horizontal cladding which can create a broader appearance. The width of the boards can also affect your home’s exterior appearance.

Available colors

In harmony with nature